Custom made pickups for Guild Jet Star II


My Guild Jet Star II -73 bass was already heavily modified by an earlier owner in the 70-80:s.
I wasn't impressed with the original pickups... loud but not so warm sounding. Rather flat and sterile.

I decided to let Urban Grafström (Urban Pickups ) to custom build two new pickups that will fit in the original chrome covers.

Original Guild pickups:

The original guild pickups measured approx. 30 kohm DC.

Urban´s own picture showing the manufacturing progress:

All the mysterious parts!

Neck pickup: The two "bobbins" which will be filled with thin tread of copper.

Approx. 19400 layers of the thin (0.063 mm) copper tread and measuring 14.72 k ohms for each spool/bobbin. With the two connected in serial the expected impedance should reach 30 k ohm. Very tiresome to perform the windings with this semi-automatic tool!!

The two single-coils are now connected in serial to become a humbucker pickup.
The pole screws are just cosmetics, they are glued :-)

Heavy stuff! Built like a tank... Juggernaut style!

 I tested the prototype above and was delighted:
- Full humbucker mode (both coils in serial) 29 k ohm
Warm, load and muddy. Exactly as I wanted. No definition...

  1. -Single coil 14 k ohm
    More controlled but still bassy. Like a Rickenbacker neck PU.

  2. -Coils in parallel, 7 k ohm
    Much broader sound spectrum. More treble.´

A three-way micro switch will allow me to change the coil
configurations for the neck pickup.

Bridge PU

The bridge PU is designed as a humbucker will to have 3 possible ways to ”tap?impedance values.
9, 16 and 20 kOhms. 9 k ohm will give more treble but lower output. 20 k ohm will be very ”hot?
The mechanical design is the same as the neck PU.

A lot wires to connect, and I will have 3 x 3 possible sound combinations with the 2 3-way switches.
It will be easy to match the two pickups for the best sound together.



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