Hagström 210

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I got my hands on this little beauty, a Hagström 210 10w tube amp (early sixties) in mint condition. A matching, but worn, 1 x 12" 16 ohm speaker cabinet made the little rig complete.

The amp hadn't been used since the late sixties. So I hoped the expensive ECLL800 tube was in reasonable working condition.

Sound clip 1: The first check with a bass guitar.

Extreme distortion!  And it went totally silent after some minutes, time to open up the little toaster! 

The heat fuse positioned on the transformer had been released. A indication that the big capacitors were leaking direct current.

The two big capacitor canisters ( 50u + 50uF and 20u + 20uF) in the picture below had to replaced.
The trickiest cap to require was the 20u + 20u 400V canister, but Tubedepot.com could luckily  provide one.


The two tubes, one ECC83 as preamp, and a ECCL800 as poweramp. 10 watts !!!. 
The new capacitors mounted.

I even decided to replace all of the smaller capacitors on the main circuit board..

I found this mod at Sixten's (EDGAR Audio) site:
Two resistors (2 x 0.33 ohm 15 w) were mounted serial at each of the two cables that should provide the tubes with 6.3 V 2 A.
The amp was designed for 220 V, but we have 230 these days and that increases the voltage  (7.2 V direct to the tubes) and reduces the life of the valves. With these resistors, the voltage is reduced to specified 6.3 V.

The cabs original speaker (Sinus) was damaged, and had to be replaced.

You can see the damaged grill cloth above...

The original Sinus above, has not the best reputation as a performer...

A fresh Celestion G12T-75 (75 watts) with correct impedance (16 ohm) was mounted instead.

And the result of all the efforts sounded like this:

Sound clip 2: Hagström 210 restored. 

First with finger volume 3, then with pick volume 3.  Harder with pick volume 3, and at last full volume (Felix Pappalardi distortion :-)).

Some difference!!

The treble was a bit muted, and I decided to make a last modification:

The round capacitor mounted on the volume pot is connected to ground. I mounted 47 k ohms resistance in serial, that gave the amplifier a little more brightness. But the old school /butter sweet sound is still present..

And then I couldn't resist to increase the gain in one of the inputs... lowered the resistance from 250 K ohm to about 125 K ohm :-).

A perfect neighbor friendly and good looking vintage tube amp

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