Flowerpower thing!

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As a Grand Funk Railroad fan, and admirer of Mel Schacher, I thought it to be a good idea to create a Jazz/mudbucker nybrid.
The pieces where:
- No name Jazz bass body with strange routings and neck cavity. Made of some strange soft unknown wood.
- A 70´s Cimar/Ibanez neck, not really full scale. 32-33" something. Rather ugly tuners, that couldn't be replaced by more "Fender" like ones.
- 60´s Gibson Mudbucker for neck position
- No name bridge pickup.
- A Schaller bridge with adjustable string spacing were mounted later in version 2. The neck is not Fender standard, much more narrow at the neck pocket (which had to be filled with plastic wood to cover up the gap) 
Assembly, first version 
The Gibson Mudbucker is a impressive piece of metal, and of course I had to make some cavity adjustment to fit the ground shaking beast in to the body

Small and silly but they have to stay! The neck head is so small...
And the bridge PU cavity looks rather strange, and had to be adjusted for a jazz bass bridge PU.

Soon enough I had the first version ready, kind ugly in a nice/cool way.
Version 2, The Flower Power thing
Time to do some serious coloring and technical updates!
Wooden frames where glued around the PU cavities (they upset some people).
Then black spray lacquer (cheap stuff) and then my old artistic oil colors, I couldn't have more fun!!!
The thick oil color layer takes ages to harden :-)
At last a acrylic lacquer where sprayed on top. 

When both the Mudbucker and the Jazz bridge PU is parallel connected, the difference in impedance causes the Mudbucker to loose volume and bass, and it sounds no fun all!
The unbalanced PU:s had to be dealt with, so I mounted a small switch beneath the tone knob.
Its purpose is to cut bass from the bridge PU (Rickenbacker style), so that the Mudbucker doesnt loose bass when both PU are at full volume. Sound strange?
The schematics:
A: The bridge PU has normal function,
B: Cap nr 1 is connected in serial, and cuts some bass
C: Cap 1 & 2 is connected, more bass reduction.
In this sound clip, the cap mod can be heard:

1. Just bridge PU
2. Just Neck PU
3. Both (almost no bass from Mudbucker!)
4. Both . First cap in serial with bridge PU. More but controlled bass.
5. Both. Both caps in serial. Fat bass with edge!