Ovation Magnum II 1974-79?

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Serial number B4324

- Mahogany body and neck (but reinforced with carbon).
- Ebony fret board.
- 34" scale.
- Neck pickup: individually output-adjustable coils for each string!
- 18 V preamp with Bass/mid/treble eq (i will have a little pickguard/knob restoration project in the future :-))
- Rubber damper (rubber must be replaced)

Sound clips (with pick):
1. Tremolo effect! - a separate coil for each string creates a rather weird tremolo effect if the strings are bended.

2. Bridge pickup - from extreme sharp (and noisy) almost guitar treble, to more bass and then reduced treble

3. Neck pickup -First EQ in the middle, then max bass/min mid/max treble (loudness). Then max bass and min mid and treble. 
At the end more mid and reduced bass and treble.

(recorded trough Traynor YBA-1A Bass Master Mark II and Gallien Kruger 15" Backline)

Here is the active electronics:


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